Startup consulting

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Are you considering self-employment? The University of Bonn’s Office for Research offers personalized initial consulting for its members. Among other things, it provides information about startup networks and financing options. You can find an overview and plenty of additional information here:

Your main contact partner for all questions about university startups is Rüdiger Wolf:

Another resource for starting a business is the city of Bonn’s startup consulting office:

The Business Service Center from the City of Bonn – a partner for alumni who want to start their own companies.

The startup consulting team in Bonn’s Business Service Center, with its consulting services and support offerings, focuses on making business ideas a reality. The staff members go over your specific business model and informational needs in a one-on-one consulting meeting. Our goal is to make sure you are as prepared as possible to start your own business, and that you will have long-term success in the market.

We help you create your business plan, and give you an overview of the regional offerings and funding opportunities. Take advantage of our free “Startup Office Hours”, which are held regularly during the semester in the University of Bonn’s Office for Research rooms in Schlosskirche church, by the main university building. More information about this service and about registration can be found HERE.