Alumni support Students

Members of the alumni network have been supporting committed and talented students as part of the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship scheme since 2016! Thanks to the support of our members, several complete scholarships have already been financed.

This year´, we invite you again to support students with a contribution to the Deutschlandstipendium program! You can donate a full scholarship or contribute a lesser amount and support students together with other members of the alumni network. To contribute to this great program, please just fill out our donation form and return it to us via e-mail, fax or mail. Thank you!

With the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship scheme, your donation achieves a dual effect: The federal government takes on half of the financing for every privately donated scholarship. Every scholarship recipient thus gets 300 euros a month, of which 150 euros comes from private donors and 150 euros from the federal government. Your donation is also tax-deductible.

That's where strength of our Bonn alumni community comes into play: Besides the possibility of taking on a complete scholarship (1,800 euros per year), many smaller contributions can also have a big effect in the community. Your alumni network and the Bonn University Foundation collect all of the donations received – whenever a total of 1,800 euros is achieved, a further scholarship is granted to the University of Bonn The administration of the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship scheme lies with the Bonn University Foundation.

By donating to the Deutschlandstipendium program, you support committed and talented students in a formative period of their life, but also contribute to strengthening your alma mater as an educational and research institution.

Find out here what success stories lie behind the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship and how you, too, can get involved.

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!